Welcome to the Ezra Center

Ezra Center is an ongoing activity and organization rather than a one-time project. We have been in operation for the past seventeen years. We provide daytime programming, socialization and nutrition to the active adult population in our area and to those in other areas who wish to avail themselves of our activities. Currently, we meet in Anaheim on Monday and Thursday and in Fullerton on Wednesday and have participants who travel from Aliso Viejo, Seal Beach, and Lakewood on a regular basis to participate in Ezra activities.

We believe that daytime programming, at a location where active adults feel comfortable is a model that will continue to work. Indeed, we believe that this model can be successfully repeated in other areas of our community. Given the opportunity and with adequate funding it is possible that Ezra Center could become the nucleus of an organization to provide adult activities in the underserved areas of our community.

Target Population

The population Ezra serves is 99%+ over fifty-five years of age. Less than 1% under this age avail themselves of our daytime programming. Although we are a non-sectarian organization, our membership and program participants are predominantly Jewish. The Ezra Center has more than 200 paid members. Our maximum membership has been near 250. Not all paid member participate; many become members because they believe the Ezra Center is worth supporting.


Because our goals and focus are so narrow, our primary evaluation tool is the attendance at the programs provided, the number of lunches served and the food sold for “take home” as well as the comments of the participants as to the importance of Ezra in their lives. Unless we change our focus or expand our mission, participation numbers will continue to be our measure of effectiveness.